Like all good worlds, there is a system- for your writing. Me and a select others will be checking your writing and will give you points from one to ten. Poems and shorter writing will typically range from 1-5, depending on the length and detail. Longer pieces of writing will range from 1-10. Following this, there are three roles that everyone can get:

Contributor: When you first start out, you gain the right to edit and create your own posts, however, this means that you must wait for one of the administrators or editors to check and approve your work.

Author: Once you gain ten points, you move on to the Author circle. You still have the same privileges as when you’re Contributor, but now you don’t have to wait to be able to publish your work. (Just so you know, when I write publish, I mean on this website)

Editor: Once you gain a hundred and fifty points, you become a Editor. You can now publish, edit, or delete posts and pages. This means you can basically do anything with the website, except change the settings.


This one is off limits unless you have been selected.

Administrator: The administrator has access to everything, which is why only a select few will get to become administrators. Administrators can change anything on the website, which includes deleting everything or deleting peoples’ work and comments.