Point Collection

Mars: 75

Sam (You can change your username if you want): 15

Elena: 7

Andreea: 0

Claudia: 0



When you first enter Jodie’s World, you automatically become a Contributor, someone who has the ability only to edit, delete, and write their own content, without being able to publish. As explained on our About page, you continue to move up through the levels, possibly reaching admin if you are chosen. Anyone could be chosen to become an administrator, even a contributor, though your chances are higher as you level up. If you so choose, you are able to request the subscriber title– meaning you are able to write comments but are not able to do anything else on the website. Anyone at all is able to subscribe to be notified by email of new posts or comments. The rankings are as follows:

Jodie Chung: Administrator

Mara Ungureanu: Administrator/Author

Sam Loo: Author

Elena Barcan: Contributor

Claudia Diaz: Contributor

Andreea Tarau: Contributor